Hello, and welcome to the website of amateur radio operator G0VQY. My personal name is Penn, I live in the picturesque fishing port of Brixham, which is located on the south-west coast of the United Kingdom.

I gained my amateur radio license in January 1985, funnily enough a few months before passing my driving test as well. My interest in ham radio came from operating CB radio for many years.

I've been confined to a wheelchair since 1986 after suffering a serious spinal-cord injury. On May 18, 1986, whilst out with friends, I dived into an outdoor swimming pool and hit my head on the bottom of the pool. This resulted in me breaking my neck at the C5 level.

I've tried very hard not to let my disability ruined my life. Apart from the ham radio, I have various other hobbies which include my childhood love of angling. My main interest is carp angling at some of the local lakes and ponds near where I live. However, since I live a few minutes from the sea, I also enjoy going sea fishing as well. Other interests include building and maintaining websites, listening to music, especially music from the 1980s.

My main station

My main radio is my ICOM 7800. I use a Heil PR 40 microphone mounted on the extendable Heil arm. My antenna is the Optibeam 11-5 which covers 10 m right down to 20 m including all the warc bands. I have this fantastic antenna mounted on top of an 18 meter Radio Structures heavy duty crank up tower.

I don't exactly have a favourite band, however, if I was forced to choose which bands I prefer then they would be 17 and 10 m. I love 10 m because it takes me back to the old CD days when we used to get a lot of sporadic E, especially in the 1990/1 sunspot cycle high. 17 m is probably my second favourite band because there are never any contests on it. Therefore I always have somewhere to go during the weekends when most other bands are absolutely chock-a-block.

QSL cards

Finally, please don't send me paper QSL cards, whether that's direct or via a bureau. I can't physically write cards and therefore don't use them. However, I do use eQSL which I have designed myself on my computer. All electronic QSL cards are automatically sent to every contact after being logged through Ham Radio Deluxe. Even if you are not a user of eqsl, your cards will actually sit in cyberspace and if you ever do sign up your card will arrive, assuming you have used the same callsign I worked you with.

Look forward to working you

I don't have a set time or schedule when I use the radio. Sometimes I can go a week without even switching the radio on. Other times I will use the radio every day for two weeks. Ham radio is one of those hobbies that in your blood and even if you don't use it for 10 years, it's always one of those hobbies that are easy to get back into. If you would like to work me then you can always drop me a message and we can arrange a schedule. However, if I am on the radio then you can see what frequency I am using by going to my logbook page, you will see the frequency displayed.

Best 73