1. ICOM 7800. This radio has a maximum output of 200 W and also includes 50 MHz (6 m)
  2. SPE Expert 1K - FA. This fully automated amplifier can be set up in a matter of minutes and is extremely easy to use. Maximum output is 1000 W, however I use it on half power up to 400 W using around 10 W of radio power to drive it. The amplifier follows the frequency of my radio automatically.
  3. PST Big Boy Rotator controller. I also have my rotator computer-controlled and use HRD rotator to automatically run my rotator so I never have to use the control buttons.
  4. KENWOOD TS 590
  5. ICOM SP 20 speaker
  6. Heil PRO 20 microphone. This is the top of the range Heil microphone that is arguably one of the nicest sounding microphones you can get.
  7. Main PC monitor. I keep my logging box open on the screen as well as the live stream messaging box
  8. Monitor plugged into the back of ICOM 7800. This duplicates the display on the front of the radio, but much much bigger and easier to see. This is a function of the radio and not a piece of software that you can simply install on your computer for any radio..
  9. I use this monitor to operate Ham Radio Deluxe. This software enables you to operate portions of the radio via on-screen clicking. I also keep my logbook and DX cluster open on this screen
  10. TV. I don't want to miss the football, but can also operate my radio at the same time
  11. Kensington trackball mouse. This trackball mouse is perfect for anyone who find it difficult to use a standard computer mouse.
  12. Heil foot key that has been adapted for me to use with my hand
  13. Logitech HD 910 WebCam for live streaming
  14. Logitech HD 920 WebCam for YouTube videos. I use a Logitech external microphone to record, rather than the built-in microphone on the web cam. The external microphone can be seen on top of the speaker if you look carefully.
  15. MC 90 Kenwood desktop microphone
  16. This keyboard is on a slide in and out desk tray and is connected to my ICOM 7800