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Posted by on in DXpeditions

Listen out for 7Q7EI who will be transmitting from Malawi from March 24 to April 2 2018. This should be a nice contact to get in your log

You can check their website out http://7q7ei.com/

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Posted by on in DXpeditions

There is a planned dxpedition to Ducie Island which is located in the Indian Ocean. The island is uninhabited so the only time you will ever get to work this callsign is when lots of money is raised to allow these guys to go there and activate it.

They will be there between 20th of October and 3 November 2018, so quite a long time to wait. No excuses not to have all your antennas up and working properly.

More information can be found at their website vp6d.com/


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  • Donaeld
    Donaeld says #
    $65,000? This must rank as the most ridiculous use of money I've ever seen. The whole ham world, at least as viewed by western e

Posted by on in DXpeditions

Unfortunately, due to severe weather, the 3Y0Z Dxpedition to Bouvet island appears to have been aborted because of bad weather in the South Atlantic. What a great shame, I for one was so looking forward to trying to get them on as many bands as possible, it would have been a really exciting time for amateur radio. However, looks like it's going to be another few years before somebody attempts to do it again. Apparently, it can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to put one of these events together and obviously, the money has to come from somewhere.

I just feel sorry for all the people who were involved. All that hard work and money has come to absolutely nothing and it's all down to mother nature, she certainly is completely unforgiving.

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  • Freddy Mack
    Freddy Mack says #
    It is a pity for all concerned. I do have mixed feelings about these types of wildly expensive expeditions. The sponsorship is

Posted by on in DXpeditions

We recently reached yet another milestone in our quest to activate Bouvet Island. DAP, the Chilean company that owns and operates the M/V Betanzos and the helicopters has satisfied the last contractual requirements, prior to departure. We submitted to them a “fit for purpose” checklist with 120 items as part of our contract. They have satisfied all the checklist items, and we will be transferring almost ½ million US dollars to them in the next few days.

So, we are happy to report that we are on schedule for a January 13, 2018 departure to Bouvet Island, the World’s most isolated island and the number two most wanted DX entity. All team members will meet in Punta Arenas, Chile no later than January 10, 2018. We will attend a one and one-half day marine safety course, purchase last minute supplies and then fly across the Drake Passage to King George Island in the South Shetlands. There, we will board the newly refurbished Chilean vessel M/V Betanzos, and begin our 9 to 11-day voyage to Bouvet. The team feels confident knowing that the ship’s captain and many of the crew have been with the vessel for eight years, and have extensive Southern Ocean experience. The Captain reports he has previously been to Bouvet.

Sea ice has been reported along a direct route to Bouvet, and that may dictate we take a more northerly course, before turning East to approach Bouvet. That may add day or two to our transit time.

Our two helicopters have completed their 100-hour inspections, and are ready for service. There has been a thorough review of landing procedures and shelter and antenna layouts. We have three alternative anchoring systems to secure the shelters and antennas to the ice on the surface of Bouvet.

So, the plan remains unchanged. We will have two stations on every open band whenever humanly possible, gain and directional antennas where possible, high power stations and a propagation-driven operation. The primary modes will be CW, SSB and RTTY. FT8 will be utilized if it is the only productive mode. Anyone preparing to utilize FT8 must read the 3YØZ FT8 protocol on the Band Plan page of the DXpedition website.

Complete information on band plans and frequencies, propagation predictions and QSL procedures are available on the DXpedition website: www.bouvetdx.org. You will find strategically placed “donate” buttons if you want to help with our substantial costs. I hope you share in the excitement of this great undertaking. We anxious to get underway!

3Y0Z. International Team will be active from Bouvet Island, IOTA AN - 002, in 2018 as 3Y0Z.
Recent DX Spots 
Planned dates 20 January - 28 February 2018 (will be determined by vessel shedule).
They will operate on 160 - 10m and also 6 and 2m EME.
QSL manager for 3Y0Z DX Pedition N2OO.
Off Island Team:
Propagation - Stu K6TU.
Logos and Graphics - Dani YB2TJV.
Server-Logging Software - Dean N7XG.
EME Pilot - Chris, PA2CHR.
On the way to Bouvet Island team will be active as 3G9A/MM.


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I had a brief contact today with Clive, 3B8CW down in Mauritius.  He was telling me about a DXpedition that has just come on air on Spratly Island.  In case you are none the wiser, the Spratly Islands are a group of more than 750 reefs and Islands located in the South China Sea.  This Archipelago lies off the coasts of the Philippines and Malaysia about one third of the way from there to Southern Vietnam.  They contain less than 4 km² of land area spread over more than 425,000 km² of sea.

John, 9M6XRO, and Steve, 9M6DXX, will be operating as 9M4SLL from Pulau Layang Layang, Spratly Islands, from 7 to 13 August inclusive. Activity will be on all bands from 80 to 10m, CW, SSB and RTTY, using two stations with linear amplifiers to vertical antennas on the edge of the ocean.

Spratly stands at number 29 in the current The DX Magazine ‘100 Most Needed Countries’ survey (world-wide, mixed modes), up from number 32 last year.

For more information please visit their website at http://m0urx.com/9m4sll.html

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Have you worked me under GO0VQY yet?

We are a week into the Olympics now and I have already notched up over 400 contacts using the G0 special call.  I haven't spent an awful lot of time on the radio and I had nearly a week off because family was staying with me.  However, I have been on most days since Sunday and have had a ball of the time.  It seems that the special Olympic call is still quite popular, even though there are quite a lot of UK radio amateurs using it.  You normally get a pretty big pileup when you get going so any weak stations or DX will probably have a hard time getting heard.  I do try and listen in between the big stations for any weaker stations but you know what its like when everyone is calling all at the same time and you can't hear anything.

Anyway, I have been hanging out on 20 m most days so listen out for me

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Well it's been an extremely busy day for the Queen today, unfortunately the weather was not really on her side and absolutely poured down all day in London, what a shame since it was 29°C last weekend, well that's British weather for you.

The weather hasn't been so bad down here, we've actually had quite a bit of sunshine and only a little bit of light rain.

I didn't get onto the radio until late afternoon but it seems the GQ call is still rather desirable and even though I'm just a mere English station, I managed to generate myself a pretty decent pileup, it's such good fun, I absolutely love it, if only it was like that all the time :-).

I went on again for just half an hour this evening and after a pretty slow start managed to get quite a few people calling.  I've made a couple of YouTube videos today, one of them is pretty awful which was rather annoying as you can see what it's like when you've got lots of people calling at the same time.  The audio settings on my Logitech 9000 WebCam was set a little bit high so I was rather scratchy when talking, not very nice if you are listening to me with speakers turned up quite high.  Anyway, after a few adjustments I've managed to cure the problem and I'm sure you will agree that the second video is much better than the first.  It was nice to speak to Osama over in Kuwait.  Those Kuwait stations always put in massive signals, very impressive.

We've just got seven days left to use the GQ call sign, I'm really hoping I can reach my goal 1000 contacts.  As of yesterday I think I was up to about 143 EQSL received from people I've spoken to using the GQ call.  That is absolutely fantastic, it's so nice to see people making use of this brilliant online QSL service.  I can't imagine having to write out several hundred cards by hand, and then have to fork out the money to post them, it's just completely out of the question.  I really hope that people realise that EQSL is the way to go.  I've already designed a special card for when we get to use the GO callsign for the Olympic Games here in the UK.  If it's as good as it has been in the last few weeks using the GQ call, then we've got a lot of fun to look forward to.

I'm afraid that this video is rather scratchy and you may actually find it difficult to listen to through loudspeakers


This video is much better, managed to make some adjustments in the audio input on the Logitech 9000 WebCam and I'm sure you would agree it is 100% better than the last video


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That time of the year has come around again, today we had a pretty decent sporadic E lift on 10 m. I had various QSO's this afternoon, most of them with operators over in Germany, there were hordes of them. However, I did manage to contact a few guys around the UK, unfortunately the really localised skip didn't really last that long, it was a little bit disappointing to be quite honest. I did monitor the CB frequencies for a few minutes and I heard quite a few guys in Scotland, however I didn't hear any Scottish voices on the 10 m band. I did have one surprise however, W4SLT from South Carolina in the USA returned my call. I had decided just to use my Sirio Gain Master, after all sporadic E can often produce very large signals and you often find that there isn't big difference between using a beam and a normal straightforward vertical. Also, because signals were coming from all over the place, I didn't really want to have to continue turning the antenna everytime I started talking to someone, so the vertical performed extremely well and did the job it was designed for, receive signals from all directions. I could have made things easier for myself by switching over the beam when the station from South Carolina shelter, but I thought no, and I managed to make the QSO with him using the vertical which was quite satisfying. Anyway, enough of me waffling on, I did actually record a segment of my afternoons operation on 10 m and uploaded it to YouTube, so you can check it out below.


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I thought I better put something in this here blog, been neglecting it over the last few weeks. Mind you, I haven't done as much radio in the last couple of weeks as I normally do, I've been spending a lot of time working on some of my websites, it's amazing how time flies when you are sitting in front of the computer.

Anyway, my good friend Ian, M0IAT has gone down to Cornwall for a few days for a well-deserved holiday, after all lying around on his couch is really tiring work, sorry Ian, I couldn't resist that. You might have guessed that Ian and myself are pretty good mates. Anyway, he took with him his radio and a home-made vertical antenna which he made out of a fishing pole. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting to hear him, but yesterday I went on for 40 m and started putting some calls out, about 25 min later I heard the dulcet tones of young Ian down there in Cornwall. Not a particularly strong signal, about 56, but perfectly readable, it was absolutely fantastic to hear him. I put the video on and recorded our QSO so he could hear how he sounded. Funnily enough, I kept it running for about 35 min so some of the guys who I spoke after can also hear how they sound down here in Brixham.

I spoke to Ian a couple of times today on 40 m again, once in the late afternoon, and then again this evening when we had our club meeting, he was actually really strong today, a little over the 9, 40 m absolutely kicking this evening, some really strong stations from G land.

So, you can check the YouTube video out for yourself, here it is


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Posted by on in DXpeditions

I am pretty chuffed today, I managed to work HK0NA on three more bands today, 12 m, 10 m, and 20 m. I work them on 17 m a few days ago, so I've only got 15 m and 40 m to find them on. I'm pretty confident I will vote on 15 m because obviously my beam works Ray well and that band, however I've only got a wire dipole and I've never even heard Colombia on 40 m so I'm certainly not going to hold my breath. Anyway, here are the four video showing my contacts with HK0NA





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I don't like criticising amateur radio, or amateur radio operators in anyway, but sometimes you come across a situation where you wonder what the hell you are doing participating in this hobby. Ask yourself a question, would you sit in a room with a load of people you've never met whilst everyone is screaming and shouting over each other and basically totally disrespecting everyone in the same room ? I wouldn't, that is for sure, it's no wonder that SO1MZ vacated the frequency this afternoon. I don't understand the mentality of some of the operators on amateur radio at the moment, some of them are showing little if no respect for any of their fellow operators when a DX station appears on the frequency. I know that people get excited and want to contact his stations. I'm also aware that it's not easy for some of the guys who haven't got very efficient antennas. But not having a big antenna is not an excuse for selfish and irritating behaviour on the airwaves. Remember that just because the dx station can't hear you, it doesn't mean other people can't hear you shouting, in fact your fellow Europeans will probably be receiving a huge signal from you and won't hear a damn thing when you transmit. The worst thing you can do is to continually blurt out your call sign over and over again, this will only make it difficult for everyone else to hear the station and will just slow things down.

The station from the Western Sahara was on 20 m today and the video I made only goes to show how bad things get when everybody shouts at the same time and nobody listens to what is going on. Now I'm not suggesting that I'm the best operator in the world, but please take note of how I listen to what is going on, I will wait for the DX station to finish his QSO before I announce my callsign. I will announce my callsign once to begin with, if I don't hear him coming back to somebody else I will go again, but I do not under any circumstances continue to announce my callsign over and over again.

Anyway, enjoy the video


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I've been neglecting my amateur radio blog lately, hopefully as the winter comes I'll be spending a lot more time on the radio during the day from now on as as you know conditions normally close down fairly early come wintertime. The 10 m band has slowed down somewhat, I thought it was too good to be true, the last month has been absolutely fantastic, but I suppose all the things have to come to an end eventually. Having said that, I'm really hoping that things will start picking up again very soon. Been working loads of stations in the USA on 10 m, there didn't really seem much point on reporting every time I spoke to somebody in the USA, that would get a little bit boring wouldn't it?

Haven't really done much today, I did put the radio one for a little while and worked TI2CF over there in Costa Rica, must say I was rather pleased with that contact on 10 m as it is a new one for me. The conditions were absolutely perfect, as you can see by the you Tube video, it only took one shout for me to bust the pileup. But that's what it's like sometimes, occasionally the condition that absolutely perfect and I can imagine that the skip was strongest down where I am, I don't think we can say it's all down to the antenna, I'm sure there were lots of other people calling who were using even bigger antennas and more power than I am, it was just down to the conditions being absolutely perfect at that particular time.


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Oh boy,how good is 10 m at the moment? it's getting better each day, some of the signals coming in are absolutely stonking, Guys using small CB verticals putting in 59+10 signals. Even when I flipped over to my sirio gave no master today, I was still receiving a 58 signal from a chap using a vertical over in the USA, he could hear me quite well on my vertical using only 10 W, this is how we love to see the 10 m band. The last time I saw signals like this on 10 m was back in the CB days before I got my amateur radio licence. I used to have an FRG 7 shortwave receiver with a small wire strung up outside, the signals from the USA and 10 m worth unbelievable, the receiver used to vibrate when these massive signals came in. We're not quite there at the moment, but if it carries on, we won't be too long before all you need is a small basic aerial and a few watts and everyone will be a will to work around the world on 10 m without any problems.

I just want to mention Basil, VA3MZB who lives a five-minute walk from Niagara Falls itself, thanks Basil for a really nice chat today on 10 m, your signal was awesome, I wish I had my video recorder on at the time, maybe next time I will record you when you will see how good you sound here.

I did however put my video on a little later on and recorded a few contacts I had, as you can see, they were pretty good.


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In case it's gone unnoticed, the 10 m amateur radio band has really been kicking ass in the last few days, some truly heed signals coming in from over the pond. I myself have not experienced such big signals since I was a shortwave listeners back in the early 90s. Today, I was even working a station in the USA using my sirio gain master vertical, he was using an antron 99 and signals were pretty good.

The USA start coming in late morning to the early afternoon and normally fade out around eight or nine o'clock, I expect the bands to pick up if everything goes to plan with the sunspot cycle. At the moment, no special antennas are needed and a simple CB vertical antenna will enable you to make contact to the USA quite easily.

I made a quick YouTube video today so hopefully this will wet your whistle. Unfortunately the band was dying down somewhat as I was talking, although it did pick up a little but later on, but this will give you an idea of how strong someone signals are at the moment.




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  • Ian
    Ian says #
    10m has been amazing, I put my 4 ele 10m mononband yagi up on the 15th sept, within 48hrs had worked 4W6A then conditions got bett

In case you are unaware, 4W6A is now active from East Timor, a small country not far from the northern coast of Australia. I heard them today on 15 m and they had a huge pileup. They were not particularly strong, about 55, I did call a few times but since they are going to be there for a few days I thought I would leave it until they are bit stronger, sure I will get to work them at some stage in the next week.

For all information on this the dx-expedition, visit their website at http://www.4w6a.com/

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Posted by on in Activity on the HF Bands Today

We've been waiting and monitoring and finally it's happened in the last few days, the 6 m band has started to open up. As you know you've got to keep a very close eye on 6 m as sometimes signals can disappear as quickly as they appear. Some of the calls started coming in from Spain and Portugal at the weekend and then on Monday we had a very good sporadic E opening into Germany, Portugal, Spain and Poland, very strong stations, 59 both ways. The propagation didn't last for a long on Monday, however it was sure fun working 6 m for the first time using my ICOM 7800 and SteppIR with 6 m add-on. There were a few stations knocking around on Tuesday but it wasn't quite as good as Monday. The guy is using the bigger antennas, i.e. five and six element beams were able to hear a couple of stations outside of Europe, unfortunately the Steppir just wasn't able to hear the stations.

Some exciting news for me, I have just purchased a five element beam for the 6 m band. The guys are coming around on Wednesday evening to put it up, it will certainly be interesting to see the difference between this five element and the Steppir which only has three elements. Watch this space as I will be reporting on its progress.

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It has been fun operating with the special event call over the last couple of days. I have made a couple of videos of me operating on April 30, 2011, you can see that there was certainly a lot of interest in this call. We are allowed to use it off until May 9, I'm not sure whether I will keep using it for that long, but it is quite fun generating such huge pileups, it's not very often a "G" station can manage this.

Hey, maybe you will even hear yourself working me if you watch these videos



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I was a little unsure whether or not I was going to actually go online with this special call today, however I thought "what the hell" I might as well give it a bash and see what happens. I did two sessions of operating today, a couple of hours late this afternoon, and then just less than an hour this evening. As soon as I put the callout this afternoon it was absolute bedlam, you could hardly make out anyone's callsign because there are so many people coming back to me, it was fantastic. Most people were 59+ + so unfortunately for any of the weaker stations come they really didn't have much chance of working may, I just happened to catch a few of the weaker stations in between people calling, a nice surprise was weather station in Japan return my call, wasn't expecting that.

Anyway, this afternoon I worked 168 contacts within a two hour period, this evening I did 102 contacts on 20 m. The majority of stations were calling within Europe, they were definitely the strongest and any stations outside of Europe would have really struggled to grab my attention. I think tomorrow I will definitely look a little further afield and see if we can work a few stations outside of Europe.

It's been good fun, I can now get a good idea of what it's like for some of these big DX stations when they start calling the whole of Europe goes back to them all at once.

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Summertime has arrived here in the UK, well, we've had two days of warm sunny weather which equates to a good summer, I expect it will be all downhill from now. So, I was making the best of the good weather while it lasts so no radio during the day-to-day.

Worked a couple of US stations on 10 m and then that is all died down. 17 m was reasonably good, most of the signals coming from the US were fairly weak. My old mate Steve, M0BKL joined me as he often does. Unfortunately he just uses his little CB antenna which means he can only hear a very strong stations. However, he did manage to work a few of the US stations, and also 8P6HL over in Barbados he was mobile.

I must congratulate N1GKX for his exceptionally strong signal today on 17 m, completely wiping out M0BKL who is only 5 miles away. Oh well, he's got used to being second best to me on the airwaves :-) I'm going to show him how to catch carp on Sunday ;)

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The weather today in Brixham was absolutely glorious, wall-to-wall sunshine and around 18°C. As much as I love my radio operating, I'm afraid that the call of the warm sunshine was too strong and I spent quite a long time outside.

I did eventually put the radio on late afternoon and got a nice surprise when I heard a few stateside stations calling. I made a YouTube video so you can hear me talking to a few guys on 10 m today.


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