The Fishing Port of Brixham

I live in the small picturesque fishing town of Brixham. Brixham is located onthe south-west coast of England and is part of the district of Torbay.

Our main industry is fishing which goes back several hundred years. Brixham is commonly known as the "mother of all fishing ports" which basically means that we were the first fishing port in England and all other fishing ports originated from Brixham. There are approximately 200 fishing boats that currently work out of Brixham. The largest boats are just over 100 feet long and will often stay at sea for up to 2 weeks. On the other end of the scale there are lots of much smaller boats that will only spend a day fishing.

Brixham is also extremely popular as a holiday resort and during the summer time we are absolutely inundated with tourists. People come to Brixham from all over the world to enjoy a tranquil holiday by the sea.


This absolutely beautiful view is Brixham Harbour. Brixham is an extremely ancient town, in fact it's even mentioned in the Domesday book. If you were to go back 150 years, the view would look very much the same as the photograph above, things really haven't changed much at all in the harbour areai n the last 100 + years

This is one of numerous beam trawlers that are based here in Brixham. This boat is probably around 30 m in length and can stay at sea for two weeks or more. This trawler will have a crew of 5-6 that will work shifts between them, typically six hours on and six hours off. This trawler will tow 2 large nets that will be up to 30 feet in width and probably nearly 100 feet in length. The nets are towed along the bottom of the sea bed and will catch fish that typically live very close to, or in the sand, fish like Dover sole, plaice, turbot, just to name a few fish that these fish catch. A boat like this could easily gross £50,000 for two weeks fishing. Even for a typical deckhand working on a trawler like this, pay can be very good indeed, although fishing is extremely dangerous and many people have lost their lives over the years.

This is a full-size replica of The Golden Hind, Sir Francis Drake's Galilean which has been moored here in Brixham for as long as I have lived in Devon which is well over 30 years. For a small fee you can go abroad and explore the inside of the Galilean and see what it was like for the soldiers who worked on the boat all those years ago. You can go abroad between February and November when the ship is open to the public